Scorpio Moon

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The planet that newcomers to the zodiac are most curious about is the Sun. However, the moon plays a similar role in a chart. This planet is associated with the realm of emotions, which includes the ingrained nature of nature, nurture, and memory. It is subconscious and has to do with how a person interacts with others. Since the traits in this sign are so deeply ingrained in the mind, the person they refer to might not be aware of them. Since these characteristics are more often expressed than they are reflected upon, others are frequently better able to identify them.

When the Scorpio Moon Man, that person’s intense, passionate, and private emotional state rules them. Any past tragedies will be so vividly remembered and deeply ingrained in their mind that they can leave psychological scars. The fact that these people frequently exhibit moodiness should not be shocking. But because of their private nature, no one else may be able to see what is happening inside. Even those who believe they are close to this person only understand a small portion of the bigger picture.

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Scorpio Moon

This sign is extremely passionate, even in the area of sexuality. However, because of their ego, possessiveness, and need for control, these people frequently struggle in relationships. They invest so much of themselves in a relationship that it shapes who they are. In fact, if that relationship ends, they will have lost a part of themselves. This person is deeply sensitive despite all of their egotistical strutting and seeming cold attitudes. All the smoke and mirrors are necessary because of this.

People with their Scorpio Moon Man ┬átend to be very critical. They make snap judgments based on a book’s cover and are not easily persuaded to change their minds. They have an aggressive but impulsive demeanor.

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Their tenacity translates well into the business world as they will achieve any goal they have set. Problems are simply obstacles to be overcome. Despite their own propensity for secrecy, they are able to correctly guess what is going on in any circumstance by seeing through others’ guards and motives. This person, who is independent and in charge, will probably hold a Scorpio Moon Man leadership position. Additionally, they have a strong sense of stubbornness and will cling to something (or someone) long after it is no longer wise to do so.

By Matthew