What Are Essential Oils For Fertility And How It Can Be Benefitted From?

Fertility treatments are not a new thing, as they range from medical procedures to medications to herbals treatments. However, at times procedures and medications can take a toll on one’s physical and mental health and can also burn a hole in one’s pocket.

About essential oils

Essential oils are a big part of aromatherapy science, as they are known for their health benefits. One can hear about them everywhere these days, ranging from health to beauty. So what are these essential oils?

These are concentrated plant extracts that are extracted using cold pressing or distillation. These oils carry the real essence of flavor and aroma of the source plant in them. After distillation, the aromatic compounds of the plant are extracted, and then they are mixed with carrier oils to give them a volume and a body. One can find a huge variety of essential oils in the market ranging from rose to sandalwood to geranium or lemongrass and many more.


How to use essential oils for fertility?

 Simply buying essential oils will not do much in helping with fertility. One needs to use them the right way to get the desired results.

Some of the best ways to use essential oils for fertility and pregnancy are:

  • Massage: massaging is very effective as it helps in blood circulation, which in turn helps in the absorption of the oil by the skin. This helps in getting most of the benefits of the oils effectively.
  • Inhale: inhaling is the best way to let the essential oil enter the system. This benefits mind and health, likewise. One can inhale the oil directly from the bottle, put some drops on a handkerchief, put in steaming water and inhale, put in a diffuser, or apply on pulse points like wrist or neck.
  • Reflexology: the science of reflexology is based on pressure points found in the body. There are various pressure points, and each of them has an objective. Applying the right amount of pressure and massaging these points can have a positive effect on the body. One can apply essential oils to fertility points and massage the area.
  • Soak: soaking the entire body in the bathwater, which is infused with essential oils, can be very rejuvenating and calming to the senses. Also, it can have benefits related to fertility, as well.

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Fat Loss Nutrition Program For Fat-Free Body

One of the important ways to reduce fat in the body is by maintaining a fabulous diet that leads to fat loss. Not only exercise but in taking a good diet brings a better increase in fat loss.

Nutrition needed:

In this fat loss nutrition program nutrients that are responsible for fat gain must be avoided and nutrients that are responsible for fat loss must be taken regularly.

Let’s consider the following food items which are rich in nutrients and are responsible for fat loss:

Oily fatty fish:

Fatty fish is the fish that gives high quality of proteins and reduces the risk of getting heart disease. It is one of the healthiest food. Salmon, sardines, mackerel are few types of this Oily or fatty fish. Though this fish contains fat, it is healthy and helps in reducing fat in the body.

This Oily fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that are capable of reducing inflammation, decreases the risk of getting heart disease and help to lose body fat. It’s rich and high-quality proteins make one to feel as if their stomach is filled by this hunger is suppressed and boost up the metabolism of digestion.



It is one of the most familiar and healthy food all over the world. Also easily available. It places sai massive role in the fat loss nutrition program.   Though yolk in egg increases cholesterol a complete egg will avoid heart-related diseases and helps in weight loss by losing fat. Many studies have shown that in the case of overweight people by taking eggs as their breakfast has reduced their hunger and promote a feeling of fullness for a long time.

A study was conducted for 8 weeks among 21 men. In this study, all men took 3 eggs as their breakfast and got 16% of their body fat reduced when compared to others who took other breakfasts. These men also consumed 400 fewer calories per day.

Coffee :

It is one of the most famous and most lovable drinks all over the world. Coffee contains a rich source of caffeine which is capable of improving physical and mental performance along with reducing body fat.

In a study on 9 people who took caffeine an hour before exercise were able to exercise 17% longer when compared to others who haven’t taken. In also burned fat in their body twice more than before.

It is also helpful in increasing metabolism.

Coconut oil:

It is one of the most commercial products and also easily available. This coconut oil consists of MCT which is capable of increasing metabolism, reducing appetite, promoting fat loss.

In one study men who took two tablespoons of coconut oil with their regular diet have reduced their waste by 2.5 cm which is equal to an inch when compared to others.